Unified Earth: WELCOME!

Let me give you an official heartfelt WELCOME!

Thank you for taking the time to visit the website, please take an extra minute of your time by liking and sharing our Facebook group and page and join in the discussion. After all, the first step to getting the word out is social media

My current goals are as follows:

  1. Integrate forums for an international audience linked with unified-earth.org
  2. Integrate a sign in proxy that will record all those who join the community by showing a world map and a ping of their location.
  3. Gain popularity by asking many celebrities to show their devotion to the cause by having them make a short video about why and how they will help. Top celebs include but are not limited to; Russel Brand, Jim Carrey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joe Rogan and Morgan Freeman to name a few.
  4. With backing and support from these famous people I would then like to push for both alternative and main-stream radio shows and TV news, including having the top 100 Youtube channels showcase or even fully support the group by doing an entire show.

With social media and technology at our fingertips what was an impossible task 50 years ago is in-fact possible today. It is today that we need to act, not in the future when the problems are too large to fix. From climate change, world leadership and the world economy to the individual we need to pave the way for the future generations of our planet. To do so we will need to come together, it does not need to be overnight, in fact, it will not happen overnight, but it can happen within this generation.

If every activist from every cause across the world came together, we would change the world.

If the world stopped one day, to celebrate our diversity, to accept that there must be unity within this diversity and that those who can speak and act for those who cant, should, it is our obligation to look out for each other and to give a voice to those who have none or are not heard. Whether rich or poor, we can all make a difference, just showing up for the event, taking the day off to experience the diversity of your neighbors, your brothers and sisters is enough to make an impact. The more people who get together, the better.

An event that spans the world, which touches every town, city and country that celebrates each and every persons diversity which seeks to unify our people and create peace within each of us will not only change the world, it will change humanity itself.